Friday, September 2, 2011

A perfect way to end the day.....

Hi all,
I wanted to share a little story about how I spent the later part of the day today. It was a perfect way to end the day. Unfortunately there are no pictures to share with this story, just my recap.
So I am sitting in front of the computer late this afternoon finishing up homework from my Security and Fraud Prevention class I am taking ( I know that sounds like fun, right?). Anyway, I hear this squawking noise outside ( I sit in front of an arcadia door). So I start looking and I see the branches of the tree moving......I continue to watch and see that there are 2 squirrels in the tree.
As I am watching it continued to look like a mama squirrel and a baby squirrel. It looked like she was trying to teach it how to jump from branch to branch. The poor baby looked scared as it kept trying but would get on a branch that was not as sturdy....then it would make its way back to the tree trunk.
I wasn't able to watch it make it back home (that is in the next tree over) as I had to get dinner ready for the family. When I returned to my computer I saw mama squirrel racing back home with a mouth full of leaves.
It was so refreshing and cute to watch. I hope you all enjoyed my little story.
Good night!

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