Saturday, September 10, 2011

Falling Squirrel

All mothers can relate to this story on some level:

Today I was sitting at my computer working on my homework and noticed out the window that the momma squirrel and 2 babies were out in the tree. Who knew that we had 2 babies in that tree??? I knew there was one from the previous story about seeing them in the tree. Anyway, it apeared that the momma squirrel was trying to get the babies down to the ground. Mind you we live on the side of a hill, so the ground under the tree is actually further down than the trunk of the tree. So, I am watching and I see the momma squirrel grab one of the babies in its mouth (kind of like a cat grabs its baby), she quickly whisked it down the tree and they were gone. Well, this left the other baby unattended in the tree, it quickly notices that mom is gone and tries to follow. It manages to jump to the next tree, they are still not very sure footed, so you can see it slip from the branch, catch itself, slip from the branch.

Then all of a slips and falls to the ground. My motherly panic sets in because after all it is a baby and it just fell out of a tree that is situated on the side of a hill..... We all race outside on the deck to see if we can see if it is OK....nope, it is no where to be then we proceed down the hill to see if we can see it....then all of a sudden as we get near the tree tries to get on the tree trunk to hide from we decide to leave it alone as it was acting scared (wouldn't you if you just fell out of a tree?).

A few minutes later I spot it half way up the tree, and hear the noise that they make. A few minutes after hearing that I see momma squirrel in the tree consoling the baby. Then they are both headed down the tree, I am guessing towards where ever she took the first baby....Thank goodness....tragedy averted for this little guy.....

They are really cute to watch jumping and playing in the tree, I would hate to see something like that happen to the little guy....Another day in the wilderness....

Enjoy your day....

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