Monday, August 18, 2008

Altered Frame Instructions

Altered Wooden Frame Instructions
For this project you will need:
~ an unfinished wooden photo frame (you can pick these up at Michael’s for $1.00)
~ a few sheets of coordinating papers (depending on the size of your frame, you could use scraps)
~ Ribbon
~ Embellishments (flower, buttons, chipboard, stamps, etc.)
~ Craft Glue (Modge Podge, or I have used Scotch White glue)
~ Paintbrush
~ Sandpaper or an emory board
~ Self-healing mat or cutting board
~ X-acto or craft knife
~ ink
~ Acrylic Paint
The first thing you want to do is sand down the rough edges of your frame, if necessary.
Paint the outer edges and the insides of your frame using acrylic paint (if you do not want to use patterned paper for the outer sides).
Choose the papers that you want to use on your frame and cut them down to size. Don’t worry about the space in the middle where the photo goes, you will cut that our later.
Paint the frame using the paintbrush and the craft glue.
Lay the papers down on the frame, rubbing gently.
Flip the frame over onto the mat or cutting board and cut out the excess paper in the middle of the frame.
Glue and cover the outside edge of the frame with more coordinating paper. Unless you have decided to cover with acrylic paint.
Glue and cover the inner edge (where the photo goes) with the same coordinating paper as the outside edge.
Sand down all the edges so that they are smooth and no excess paper is hanging off.
Ink all your edges (if desired) with a coordinating color of ink.
Finish your frame by adding embellishments of your choice.
This could also be done without paper, just using paint on the frame and embellishments. You could also try a mosaic look.


Giftbearer said...

This is a great tutorial!

Walk in the Woods said...

What a great project! And I didn't know that Michaels had such frames - thank you for the education! :)

LaMia Designs said...

this is a great idea..I may try. thanks for the instruction.